We help you optimize algae production with artificial intelligence

Produce algae at scale, with machine learning and synthetic biology

Growing algae is costly and complex, we help you simplify the process

We are working to achieve unprecedented control over algae

Stefan Grossfurthner

Co-Founder & CEO

Stefan spent four years conducting a PhD in Plant Sciences at the University of Cambridge, where he genetically engineered algae to produce high-value products. He has been obsessed with biotechnology for a decade and was part of a prize-winning synthetic biology team during his undergraduate at Imperial.

Ludovico Mitchener

Co-Founder & CTO

Ludo has a MSc in Artificial Intelligence from Imperial and a MSc in Natural Sciences from UCL. He has worked as a research scientist in top academic institutions and spent 4 years as a software engineer, building data analytics and machine learning solutions for organisations like CCEP and the UK National Crime Agency.

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